2013-12-11–Titusville and ”The Enablers Onboard”

Magnolia departed Daytona Beach for a leisurely day southbound on the ICW. I must emphasize that we have REALLY grown to enjoy these leisurely days. Days when we don’t have too far to go, when we know we have a comfortable anchorage or marina ahead of us and some special event awaits us upon our arrival. In the case of Titusville it was a two’fer. We had one maintenance action to care of and one social  event we have been looking forward too.


As we continued on our way it became quite evident we were starting to approach southern Florida where the high rises start and there is a bit more splash to the surroundings.


Where else but in Florida would you see decorate bridge pilings that appear to have tile mosaics installed. I thought they were very cool.


Ponce De Leon Inlet Light House.


Max Brewer Bridge as seen from our anchorage in Titusville


The real reason to visit Titusville was to host our friends Ty & Suzanne. They have previously been designated the “Dealers” in this blog post. Essentially Ty & Suzanne is where this whole idea of Magnolia began.




Rudy, the redhead and his little sister Gretchen were also welcomed aboard Magnolia. Rudy is actually, Rudy the super dog because that dog has done something I have never done. Rudy sailed with Ty & Suzanne aboard their boat SV Liberty. What makes Rudy really super though is he sailed with them across the Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans all the way to Turkey. That’s why he is called Rudy the Super Dog!


I do have to give a plug to Suzanne’s various books two of our favorites are “It’s your boat too” and “Living a Dream.” All of her books are available on Amazon at this link.

We are off to Coca, FL, just across from Cape Canaveral for a few day chore catch up and shore leave for the crew!

2 thoughts on “2013-12-11–Titusville and ”The Enablers Onboard”

  1. I LOVED the book, It’s Your Boat Too!! I have it on board right now! Did you anchor SW of the bridge? We have a story to tell you about that spot! Maybe we can get together tomorrow or Friday? Sorry I missed you, I was in the shower!

  2. Pooch and I just got back from Istanbul (via plane). Dupree can only dream right now of Rudy’s impressive adventures! We are loving your blog and living the vicarious dream with you for now!

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