2013-11-06–St Augustine, Time to Go

Per Wikipedia – St. Augustine is a city in Northeast Florida and the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement and port in the continental United States.  (September 1565).  It is really cool town! 


There is a very extensive mooring field available for visiting boats.


As Annette I were walking over the Bridge of Lion I noted a tour boat heading through the mooring field. I felt like they were taking the tourists through the zoo!


Annette enjoying a lovely day a top the bridge. As were walking she asked me if we were going to make the bridge opening. We are always trying to time ourselves for going under while its open. Did not occur to me we needed to do the same thing when we are going over!


The high point of our visit to St Augustine was visiting my Great Uncle Wayne. As many know I was very close to my Grandfather and having the opportunity to visit him was not going to be missed. As luck would have it he lives just across from anchorage so it was quick walk to his home. It was a wonderful visit sadly in the excitement I neglected to get a picture of us!! His home is in Davis Shores as described by the above sign.



I kept seeing Border Patrol Boats going up and down the river. I asked the marina if St Augustine was a bastion of illegal immigration. The dock hand snickered and said no but it was a training center where every boat operator get retrained each and every year. Said they buy crazy amounts of fuel! I said every year, he said up.  What’s wrong with every other year? Are you kidding me?

photo 3

Frank and MaryMarie were heading back to NJ for a family visit so we certainly had to send them off in proper form…ice-cream of course! We were missing you Watsons!!!

Next stop, Daytona Beach and then meeting our friend Ty & Suzanne in Titusville! Going to be a big week!!!

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