2013-11-13 Catching Up….AGAIN!

Reality is setting in. There are times when I am really good about blog and other times not so good. Magnolia dashed across latitude 36N on the 1st of November. Our insurance kept us north of that line because of risk of hurricane. In addition we needed to have a small repair accomplished on the autopilot. Thanks to a recommendation from www.activecaptain.com we were able to locate the appropriate facility in Belhaven, NC and things were fixed up in before we had time to get too settled in.  In addition our friends Greg & Marie aboard Second Sally caught up with Magnolia. We sailed together for a couple days. It was great to catch up time! About the same time Eleanor! rejoined us from their days at the spa (inside joke). They did look well rested though.


The “fleet” made an easy passage down to Beaufort Inlet. It was a fun day to be near old and new friends! There were dolphins everywhere as we approached Morehead City and Beaufort Inlet. The crazy thing is how hard it is to get a decent picture of these guys. They do not seem to be too keen on pictures!


We took this picture approaching one of the many swing bridges we go through everyday. I think the picture does a pretty good job of capturing the best of the best feelings we have! Lucky!


We have yet to figure the significance of a Giraffe statue along the ICW but we can only assume there is one. We saw a Zebra in Galesville, MD and now this Giraffe in North Carolina. Can hardly wait to see what we find in South Carolina. As long as its not a Gator we are good!


We always know its going to be a good day when the sun is shining on our Angel. Thank you Aunt Jeanette! It is one of several “treasures” we carry aboard Magnolia.


Magnolia  enter Mile Hammock anchorage which is actually owned by the Marine Corp at Camp Lejeune. Anchor, but don’t think about going ashore!


Our first opportunity to take a walk on a beach. Wrightsville Beach was really nice but just wait a couple of months for the Exumas!!


Frank & MaryMarie from S/V Eleanor Q on the beach.




Southport water front with the tallest flag staff I have ever seen!


Pete Saunders a colleague from my Honeywell days came out with his son to witness our arrival to the Myrtle Beach area. 


Below is the shot Pete took as we passed. It is how the world see us!


We are not certain but think this pipe is the border mark for North & South Carolina.


Pete Saunders came out to Magnolia for a visit. It was a fun evening catching up!


Magnolia is at dock right now riding out this freakish flash freeze. We hope the worst will be through today and will head out towards Georgetown, SC in the morning.

Vessel and crew are well, be safe, A**2

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