2013-10-04–York River (Sarah Creek)–Portsmouth, VA

Magnolia took a little break in Sara Creek off the York River, just across from Yorktown, VA. Magnolia has been on a tear down the bay taking advantage of good weather. After a 150 miles it was time to take a day and catch up. Truthfully other than a walk not a lot was done except for a little relaxation time. I guess we are entitled to a little down time now and then.

Let me acknowledge upfront that we are watching “Karen” which will come ashore in the Gulf of Mexico. We are safely at anchor and expect to stay here through Wednesday morning. We can always move to a nearby marina if predictions appear to decline.  Not to worry.

Meanwhile, we again had little or no wind today so rather than stop at Hampton we came the additional 11 miles to Portsmouth.


I am not sure it’s the official end of the Chesapeake Bay but passing Point Comfort and Fort Monroe was certainly a transition for us!



Point Comfort Lighthouse.


Aegis Cruisers.


Navy Hospital Ship Comfort – I think it you use to be in Baltimore so not sure if here for a visit or has been relocated here.


Typical barge traffic


This evening’s view of downtown Norfolk


This evening’s view of downtown Norfolk


This evening’s view of Portsmouth Naval Hospital


Todays Track

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