2010-08-21 Tennar Family

Jack and I previously sailed together, initially aboard Naval Vessel Ticonderoga (CG-47) in 1983 and a little later (1990) onboard my bass boat on the Rappahannock River. After 20 years it was time and a treat to share the water with he and his family!




* Children and young adults should not view the previous images!

He, Kathy and the girls boarded and we were quickly underway.  Aeolus (god of wind in Greek mythology) thankfully offered us sufficient wind to raise the sail and provide a respite from the Mid-Atlantic heat.

2010_08_21_12_07_14_AWB-002 2010_08_21_12_09_58_AWB-003

“Yes girls, this is just the way your dad and I did it, back when ships were wood & men were steel!” (They were not believing)

2010_08_21_13_02_22_AWB-008 2010_08_21_13_06_06_AWB-012 2010_08_21_14_34_48_AWB-019 2010_08_21_15_00_48_AWB-040

This “Captain Thing” is hard work, have to slip in a break when you can!

2010_08_21_16_37_32_AWB-023 2010_08_21_16_22_22_AWB-044 2010_08_21_13_20_42_AWB-014 2010_08_21_13_08_12_AWB-034 2010_08_21_13_08_02_AWB-033

After a nice sail out to Smith Point Lighthouse we anchored Magnolia in the quiet waters of the Rhode River and share a marvelous dinner aboard.  Truth be told it was so hot I fired the generator and turned on the air conditioning, something we rarely do when away from our slip at Galesville.

2010_08_21_18_23_18_AWB-052 2010_08_21_18_38_38_AWB-025 2010_08_21_19_08_24_AWB-026 2010_08_21_22_36_34_AWB-063 2010_08_21_22_37_02_AWB-065 2010_08_21_18_23_52_AWB-055

After a full day of sailing the entire crew (6 people) got a comfortable nights sleep aboard (of course with the air conditioners going)!

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