2010-08-14 Vingelli’s Come For A Visit

My cousin Sheridan and her husband John were able to make a somewhat unexpected visit to Magnolia while visiting the east coast from there home in Scottsdale, AZ. Both were in town to attend a friends wedding in Herring Bay. At the onset of the trip they had no idea they would be in such proximately to Magnolia at Galesville. With our Cousin and Crewman Dan Mc Andrews on hand we celebrated an impromptu reunion onboard.

Annette makes sure Magnolia is appropriately attired!


Able Crewman Dan makes sure John boards safely!

2010_08_14_13_04_13_AWB-003 2010_08_14_13_06_30_AWB-008 2010_08_14_13_07_28_AWB-012 2010_08_14_13_07_58_AWB-013


2010_08_14_14_23_09_AWB-019 2010_08_14_18_08_35_AWB-020

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