2013-09-20 It’s “Cats & Dogs” Time!

I know, “there’s” always something exciting going on aboard Magnolia. This time we really mean it! By the close of Friday we will be completely moved aboard no longer making the trudge from house to boat and back! So happy about that!

One of our “Cats & Dogs” was to have the compass swung (calibrated)which was an interesting experience. The gentlemen who did the job brought this really cool device aboard which was built by his father when he started the business. It is basically an aircraft gyro with a 12volt to 400hz converter included. It really was a very cool device!


The process was simply to motor back and forth north and south and then east and west and adjust the compass on each pass. The entire process took about 2 hours but we will long benefit from the couple of hours of effort.


A better close up of the custom built gyro device.


The next job was cover and secure our extra fuel and water Jerry Cans. Annette undertook the sewing portion of the job onboard Magnolia. This was the first sewing job Annette she had done onboard. We were able to set the saloon up so she could work pretty efficiently.


Next it was my job to secure the cans safely on deck. First step was a nice piece of pressure treated lumber primed and painted with a “few” coats of HomeDepots best. Add a couple stainless ubolts from McMaster-Carr along with acorn nuts (keep things nice and smooth) and we have a pretty secure tie-down point.



Short haul for bottom clean and zinc replacement scheduled for Monday. Away from the dock on Tuesday? We will see!

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