2013-09-06 The quiet before the storm? Maybe–Maybe Not

The last few weeks on Magnolia have been busy but we are hardly near “dock-line” fever. When you set off on a trip as we have planned it is a symbolic gesture to remove your dock lines from the dock. (Generally if you are coming back you leave the lines on the dock). Magnolia will participate in the Seven Seas Cruising Association (http://ssca.org) GAM in three (3) weeks from which we will directly depart on our slow journey south towards the Bahamas.

One of our last major projects was to have an access plate installed in our starboard tank and have the tank cleaned. First thing diesel tank guys are like “septic tank engineers.” You have to have them, but they are certainly an acquired taste!


You certainly want to keep them in their “box.” As you can see I sealed everything up near where they were they working.




As you can see the diesel sprinkles on the paper my concerns were well founded!

The Admiral and I completed loading out the Master’s cabin. We continue to cull the contents trying to reduce where possible but we are down to the perceived basics. I suspect by the time we come back to the Chesapeake in the spring we will be saying, why the heck did we bring this or that!!!


Yesterday brought on the balance or our canned and dry goods. It took the better part of the day to for Annette to get everything entered into inventory and stored.


We currently have 570 types of items that we track in inventory. This includes number onboard and where each of those items is stored. You would be surprised how easy it is to loose and item on a 44 ft sailboat!


We have an handful of small tasked to tackle but we are no where near “dock-line” fever! We are scheduled to have out compass swung (calibrated) next week and the week after we after that we will have the boat “hauled” (out of the water) for a bottom cleaning and couple of small maintenance actions. Want to have the bottom as slick as possible when we get underway south!  We still have 3 weeks to stave off the “fever” but so far so good!

6 thoughts on “2013-09-06 The quiet before the storm? Maybe–Maybe Not

  1. We will finally MEET! Kindred Spirit is taking the dock lines off THURSDAY morning at 9am and heading south to the Bahamas. We will be at the Seven Seas Cruising Association (http://ssca.org) GAM!!!!
    Our Blog is blog.kindred-spirit.net
    Look forward to meeting you guys and talking Morgans.
    Al and Michele Watson M43 Kindred Spirit

    • That is FABULOUS!!! Our homeport is at Hartge Yacht Harbor in the West River. Basically 1.5 miles up from where the GAM is being held. We will be around all that week if you get in early. We are departing from GAM to head south as well. So much fun! Looking forward!!!

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