2013-06-12 “Where are we and what day is it anyway?”

I am finding it a little disconcerting how quickly our view of the world has changed. I find myself trying to remember what day of the week it is most of the time. No really, there are times (mostly all the time) that I could not tell you the day of the week to save my behind. The only time I am really sure is when we are expecting guests aboard Magnolia. Most definitely want to be at the dock when they arrive!!!

As far as the “where” question…well as I lie here in bed writing this (the same bed for the last 12+ years) it seems familiar but not home. Annette has been back here a couple times but this is my first in about a month and wow how quickly our life’s center has relocated from this condominium next to National Airport looking at out at the Potomac and monuments beyond to a little sailboat tucked way up Lurch Creek 3 miles off the Chesapeake Bay.

Learning experience definitely! Really living? Feeling more alive than ever before….

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