2013-05-31 Why the Wye???

Because it is the first hot spell of the season and the water is terrific in the Wye River. It is also home of to the Audubon Society (Maryland) and the Admiral wanted to see it! I must digress though.

The Admirals last day of work was last Thursday and we got underway with a lovely couple who have sailed with us before to attend the Pentagon Sailing Club event. This Memorial Day the event was near Oxford MD on the Choptank. It was a great weekend filled with some very spirited sailing on Saturday! We made a passage south down the bay in winds in the mid 20knt range which gave Magnolia and crew a fabulously fun & fast passage to Oxford.

2013-05-27 Oxford MD

After returning from the weekend event the Admiral & I spent Tuesday at our marina in Galesville doing some boat chores and a little laundry. We had made arrangements with our engine doctor for a quick check up in Annapolis on Thursday and meet up with some friends on Wednesday. We took a mooring ball right in downtown Annapolis and dinghy’d in for a walk and a ice cream cone. Our friends visited Magnolia as our first “cruising guests” and had a lovely evening.

Thursday we needed to meet the engine doctor in Back Creek so we motored the mile over there arriving at a dock we had never been too! Every dock is a new experience! Annette did great getting us in and out though. I thought she was going to have a coronary though when I told her she would need to do it twice because the mechanic was coming with for a test run! She did great though, simply cannot say enough on the subject!

We were able to get underway for the Wye River by late morning. It is about 30 miles over there and when adding in distance for tacking gets close to 40. None the less we had a lovely sail with winds in the mid teens and comfortable temperatures. It was a long day so after getting the anchor down a dip in the river and a ice cold beer really hit the spot.

2013-05-30 Annapolis-Wye River

Adding another first (of many this week) Annette started and took the dinghy (Blossom)out for an extended ride to find the Audubon Center up Pickering Creek. It may not sound like much but you get a 15 horse Yamaha fired and controlled for a several mile run and back! We have VHF radio so Blossom could always call Magnolia if she needed!

We have a storm front coming through the mid-Atlantic on  Sunday so we are going to head back to Galesville and continue boat chores tomorrow. I have a little more topside varnish and electronics upgrade to complete. It’s a a boat, there is always something more!

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