2012-02-09 Jack’s Work Is Done For Now (Part IV)

Well Jack completed the last of his current assignment today with the installation of the tank/bladder vent. Jack used a 1 1/2 inch vent line out of the bladder downsizing to 1 inch once the line passed through the bulkhead into the lazarette. Yes, the clamps are arranged like that on purpose, I am wanted to make sure nothing sharp was near the bladder tank!


The vent passes into the lazarette and to the downsized 1 inch vent line. I used plenty of thread sealer. Last thing you want is a Black Water leak! (Note: Need to give the lazarette a good cleaning!) I am going to make a protective cover for the fitting to make sure a heavy anchor or other object does not strike it.


Here is a picture with “protective” cover in place. I used a 4 inch piece of PVC. Cut off one side of the pipe and used some aluminum strap material to attach to the bulkhead. Its on there pretty good but still need to be careful with spare anchor!


The vent line finally exits the stern. The larger vent line was used so that it could it could easily be flushed at with a fresh water hose.


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