2013-02-03 Jack’s About Done?? (Part III)

Anyone who has “head” on their boat knows, Jack is never really done!!! Lets just say this particular project is nearly complete…for now.  “Jack” last left us with all the plumbing, pumps and valves installed. The remaining tasks are to add a vent fitting to the waste tank (yea it never had one) install the tank and plumb the vent to the outside.


The tank vent line will exit the tank locker into the after lazarrette (which is Magnolias huge trunk) and then out to the stern.


I installed a double threaded bulk-head fitting so hose fittings could be fitted and maintain the bulkhead’s water tight integrity.


After cutting the bulkhead into the lazarette it was time to cut the hole from the stern into the lazarette. This is the one that made me nervous since I had to cut through the hull and was afraid the gel coat would chip. I used plenty of tape on the gel coat and a tungsten tipped hole cutter.  


As can be seen the everything worked just fine. I used another bulkhead fitting here so we could easily flush the vent with a garden hose as required. Still have to reposition that starboard vent!


While I was spending quality time in the lazarette I installed some hooks to hang our emergency anchor rode. The hooks started life as Harbor Freight ladder hanging hooks. My hacksaw and I modified them just so!


Annette and I installed and additional fitting that will be used as a vent. I still need to finish plumbing the vent line but that will be next weekend when “hopefully” it is a bit warmer.

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