2019-07-21 — Block & Cuttyhunk

Kindred Spirit departed Groton and Magnolia Lake Montauk. We both arrived Block Island in the afternoon for a brief stay. Weather was closing in and we wanted to get further east before its arrival.

We did make time for a sunset ice cream run!!!

The following day we were off to Cuttyhunk which would give us good weather protection and less crowds than Block

Kindred Spirit is actually a bit faster than Magnolia but I did have to catch her on our poty quarter.

Rounding north shore of Block Island

We did see a couple other Krogens out. One was an unusual version that had a couple of masts for sails!

I guess sails do help!

We have favorable west winds and fair current making the passage a real delight.

Arriving and getting settled we headed to Lookout Park Cuttyhunk to get a view of the island.

Thats Magnolia anchored in the outer harbor right in the middle of the picture.

Descending from “Mount Everest.”

As is often the case, the sea and wind delivered yet another voyager to Cuttyhunk . SV Cutting Class, (Dan & Marcia). They returning west as we headed east which made the visit to Cuttyhunk all the better!

We fired the barbecue on Magnolia and everyone brought what they had aboard.

A wonderful evening of eating drinking catching up…..and CHOCOLATE!!!

As Dan and Marca headed off to Connecticut but crews of Kindred Spirit were in search of breakfast…which brought us to the Cuttyhunk Fishing Club. ( http://cuttyhunkfishingclub-bb.com/ )

I will say the breakfasts were fine, not extraordinary, but the view of Vineyard Sound was amazing

As we travel more and more in New England there is one aspect to the area that really appeal to my OCD. The rocks! All over the islands the rocks have been collected stacked into fences, houses and many other structures.

Lobster trap floats…a wide selection

Hang’n with Jake and Elwood!

Kindred Spirit prepares for her coming boat wash!

Next stop, off to Martha’s Vineyard

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