2019-07-18 — Fishers Island, NY – Montauk, NY

The summer tour begins…first stop a short hop out to Fishers Island for some post 4th of July fireworks. We had never visited Fishers Island and frankly I really did not grasp how many people actually live on these islands that physically separated from the mainland. Ferry boat in their only mode of transport. I guess you just make a ferry ride part of the plan as you need.

Kindred Spirit at anchor in West Harbor Fishers Island, NY (Yes its New York in spite of the fact it a lot closer to Connecticut)

Kindred Spirit at anchor in West Harbor, Fishers Bay

A great location to catch the afternoon races.

The crews aboard Kindred Spirit

We woke to a little fog…Magnolia engulfed!

Fishers Island

…..and then the fireworks barge arrived….JUST off Magnolia’s Bow…this could be interesting…..



back to interesting…….

In the end we were destroyed in a ball of fire though I would not have wanted to be any closer that is for sure!

Afternoon walk through the lovely park at the edge of town

Kindred Spirit had to make an appointment so while they took care of that, Magnolia headed for Montauk Lake.

The passage down to Lake Montauk, NY was an easy half day passage.

This is the coast of Fishers Island…lovely area for sure

The “Race Lighthouse” This light sits at the edge of Fishers Island in an area known as the race. During tide changes, the water RACES through here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_Rock_Light )

Entering the harbor you are greeted with the beautiful Montauk Coast Guard Station. What a summer posting this would make….perhaps the winter not so much ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coast_Guard_Station_Montauk )

SV Kismet (Jim & Laurie) were to be in Lake Montauk as well. We hera Kismet often on the HAM Radio but we seem to narrowly pass in many anchorages. Exploring Montauk Lighthouse was a real treat. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montauk_Point_Light )

Looking south to the quiet today Atlantic Ocean….some days not so quiet!

SV Kismet headed out heading west…something about a grandbaby!!!! 🙂 So exciting

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