2019-06-23 — Chesapeake Bay –> Cape May–>New York City & more VIPs

After a brief but wonderful stay in the Chesapeake it was time to get moving north. I have to say we were unable to see many many friends and family this stop but we are going to do better in the fall. We have to say it was a real treat to have my Godson and Cousin aboard. Hopefully he will not soon forget!

It was

A little dreary out but the wind was down and the seas were calm.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge – Annapolis MD

Passed this beauty along the way….

We made a nice day passage from Annapolis up to Chesapeake City, MD. With a small “blow” coming through it was a great place to hold up and catch up with our friends from SV Minx. It was great to see Jay & Tonya but we did miss seeing Peanut!!! There was even a second Kadey Krogen, Magnolia is the good looking girl!

Yes there was Ice Cream

Chesapeake City is RIGHT on the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesapeake_%26_Delaware_Canal ) Any ship from Northern Europe or East Coast US that is bound for Baltimore is going to come by here.

We were super excited to have our friends Jack & Kathys daughter come by for dinner and a visit.

It was great to spend time these ladies. It was great talking with these ladies. It was wonderful to hear there thoughts on future and eve a couple ideas on fashion!!!

Anthony, Christina & Alexi

The “blow” decided to hand on a bit longer than for farcast but Magnolia and Crew were game to make the passage down the Delaware Bay to set up for a an easy arrival to Cape May, NJ the following day.

Preparing to drop the anchor, my look kind of covers my thoughts on the weather

After a rolly night we woke to a lovely morning and easy entrance into the “back-door” at Cape May New Jersey.

Inlet at Cape May

We are very familiar Harriet Tubmans work in Cambridge, MD though completely unaware of her presence here in Cape May.

Because of our short stay in the Chesapeake we did not have time to visit the Tennar Homestead…thankfully Jack and Kathy were will to meet us in Cape May.

Jack, Kathy & Annette
Jack, Kathy, Annette & Anthony

Always a great time together and we found this wonderful little Italian place in town.

More on Harriet Tubman

While I stayed aboard Magnolia wrapping up a couple of things, the Admiral toured the Emlen Physick Estate (https://www.capemaymac.org/emlen-physick-estate).

A weather window opened so Magnolia made a dash up the coast of New Jersey. Really was one of the best passages we have had with the exception of fog over night

This para glider boat for some unknown reason decided to cross our bow with a chute up. Kinda nots and well REALLY stupid. A whole ocean…..

Para-Sailor Way TOO Close

Our arrival into New York coincided with favorable tide conditions allowed us to transit the East River and the formable Hells Gate passage into Long Island Sound.

Entering New York Harbor though the Verrazano Bridge ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verrazzano-Narrows_Bridge )

Last year with our friends on Kindred Spirit we anchored behind the Statue Of Liberty, this year she marks our right turn into the East River. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statue_of_Liberty )

Lower Manhattan & Battery ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Battery_(Manhattan) )

Transiting up the East River

Approaching Port Washington after a 24 hour passage

It was a great trip up the coast and now a time to slow down a bit!

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