2019-06-09 — Reunions, VIP Guests

Long time followers know we are are gifted many many memorable moments…sharing time and experiences with those close to us. This couple of weeks…well we have made memories in spades. The week started with our return to our home marina, Hartges Yacht Harbor in Galesville, MD. The boatyard has been a family owned bussiness for well over a 100 years. It is easy to feel at home….it was good do be home.

First up was a reunion of some our Freshmen Class, 2013 sailing south class that is! MaryMarie has always been the best when it comes to the conch shell….when she is not signaling sunset with a shell she us playing her tuba….yea she is definitely a ringer!!!

SV Mandala – Ron & Nancy sailed to the Bahamas and sailed to Europe for a couple years until scooting down the coast of Africa to the Caribbean…most definitely most adventurous of us.

SV Exuberant – Burt & Prue have been running the coast a couple more years than the rest of us but have always appreciated learning from them. SV Eleanor Q, found adventures beyond cruising…yea I know…and yet they always welcome us home with open arm…and hearts too! What a wonderful and memorable evening at “Camp Quigley”

The “Cleckner Kids” had not a round-up recently and they were willing to come out for a Magnolia visit. Ellie and I did some kids stuff soldering on some gadgets while the “adults” caught up. I think everyone had a nice afternoon!!!

Lovely thing about Hartges is the lovely views afforded of the west River.

My Godson & Cousin came for a visit and a four day tour! The Admiral made the Watson/Tennar/Steinke stateroom as welcoming as you can make any space on a boat.

My cousin in-law Julie provided the art work which really adds the art flair!!!

My cousin Dan & Lori were kind enough to provide transportation out to Galesville. We are not experienced hosts for non-boaters so we were all going to larn together!

Schwab Leo went right to work safely piloting us across the Chesapeake Bay.

We anchored in Pickering Creek off the Wye River which happens to be home to Audubon Center . We walked around the facility and surrounding preserve

We also made a stop at the nearby Chesapeake Bay Herb Society…who would’a thunk?

After returning “mom” to Magnolia, Leo and I went out a played in Blossom for a bit!

The following day Magnolia made the trip back across the Chesapeake Bay and took up a mooring in Annapolis MD.

The crew got right to touring Annapolis. You know what they say, you never see your own backyard until someone come to visit. I am too embarrassed to say how many “spots” I have never visited ! First Stop, Maryland State Capital.

House Chamber
Senate Chamber

Annapolis was also the temporary capital of the United States in 1783. It was also where Washington resigned his military commision on December 23, 1783.

American author Alex Haley has a monument in downtown Annapolis…”Haley has stated that the most emotional moment of his life occurred on September 29, 1967, when he stood at the site in Annapolis, Maryland, where his ancestor had arrived from Africa in chains exactly 200 years before. A memorial depicting Haley reading a story to young children gathered at his feet has since been erected in the center of Annapolis. — Wikipedia

Next up was a guided tour of the Naval Academy. What a wonderful day it was. Our tour guide was a retired Naval Officer who gave an amazing tour!

The Academy Chapel is open to the public for weekly services as well as the occasional Organ recital.

Below the Chapel is the Crypt Of John Paul Jones the famous Revolutionary War Commander. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Paul_Jones )

It kind of cracked me up that Admirals Zumwalt & Burke had some of the largest and “loudest” stones in the cemetery. Kind of matched the personalities….

The recently deceased Senator John McCain’s resting place. People have left various trinkets celebrating his life. He is certainly missed…

Walked out the side door of the Academy and poof, there was Magnolia sitting proud

At end of the week…at the completion of the final examines including a bowline knot, Leo was promoted from Schwab to Mate First Class

It was a wonderful week of having Sheridan and Leo aboard. We hope they will choose to embark again! It was great to be back home. There are many people we did not get to visit….we will be working n that the month of September!!!!

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