2018-11-28 Beaufort, SC

After departing Southport, NC we put an extra scoop of coal in the boiler. Temperatures had been dropping and it was time to really get moving! Its is about 250 miles from Southport, NC to Beaufort, SC. We did not set any records but only took one lay day to celebrate Thanksgiving but more on that in a minute.

We attended Hank Pomeranz Nightly ICW navigation and offshore weather briefs at Southport Marina…well actually we did twice, we are slow learners. When it come to good anchoring reviews we still fall back to an old favorite, Mark and Diana Doyles Book. I think this is out of print but if you find one, keep it and use it!

This is my favorite dock cabana…meant to simulate a Sport Fisher stern!

We had favorable current all day and made it down into the the Wacamaw River. We believe this area to be one of the most beautiful waterways anywhere we have been. Always a pleasure and if it was not so darn cool we would have spent more than one night in the region.

The is the ICW just above Osprey Marina in the Wacamaw, note where the water level was during the recent hurricane flooding. That is ATLEAST 6 feet above the current level. I suspect I am understating that. Amazing! Osprey is known for their hospitality and very competitive fuel prices. We topped up and that should carry us through the winter and probably back to South Carolina! Our girl only drinks about 2 gallons an hour!

We departed early from Osprey Marina because it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the heaviest travel day of the year….well except on the ICW. I think the only other boat we saw was the Coast Guard Boat near Georgetown, SC who wanted to conduct a safety inspection. They were great though I am still battling the coast in regards to attempting to walk on my varnished sole with combat boots….its a work in progress (Byran Peters!!)

Our plan of anchoring and celebrating Thanksgiving in the Low Country of South Carolina came right together. We Anchored in the South Sanatee River and were rewarded with truly exceptional beauty.

This landscape is just to peaceful and beautiful. These lands protect the mainland from extreme hurricane flooding and you can just sense that quiet strength. Just beautiful. 

In addition to an 8 pound turkey, the Admiral actually measured oven and bird before purchase, we had all the sides and a homemade pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving sunset…life is good.

This is the week of the  “King Tides” and as you can see it gave the channel marks a challenge to keep their heads above water. 

The extra water sure helped us make it through some often challenging shoal locations.  Being in the protected Low Lands can lead you to become a little??? when it comes to current weather conditions.

As soon as we entered Charleston Harbor we were reminded why we need to pay attention more. Magnolia is an extremely heavy vessel so not really an issue…but when its blowing 20-25 knts in an open harbor you are quickly reminded!

In spite of the weather Charleston never fails to disappoint in regards to its beauty  and history.

I suspect this waterfront has changed little in the last 100 years!

Just beautiful and the view from the water sure adds a little to the bigger picture.

Evidently this boat had a bad day. As bad as it is that this boat sank…history tells us it will remain right there until it rocks, falls apart or enough anchors get hung up that it gets destroyed slowly….just terrible

We quickly passed through Charleston and few miles further south to Johns Island. We were rewarded with a fine oxbow anchorage protected and well off the main ICW.

Our departure timing (poor) resulted an a wet and cold Captain. In-spite of the weather, I sure prefer to dealing with this than rush-hour traffic!!!!

We are taking a break at Beaufort, SC to visit with friends Jerry & Winnie from the Pentagon Sailing Club. The currents are quite swift in the area so we anchored just north of town so that we could have an easy apprach to Lady’s Island Marina. 

We had a great visit with Jerry & Winnie (i know, no pictures)! Ladys Island is an easy place to be, so easy its more like the hotel California. I was talking to a lady in the laundry room about getting their boat ready….that has been going on for 3 years!!! OMG. Me I am just going to enjoy a bottle of wine that appears to have been made just for ME!!!!

While I am budy drinking wine, the Admiral is off being productive…she finished sewing the weather curtains and for extra credit made a storage bag for the pilothouse sunscreens.

Tomorrow morning we set off for St Augustine, FL. We will depart in the morning and head out of Port Royal Sound and overnight along the GA coast arriving in St Augustine mid-day Friday. Weather conditions look exceptional so should be a good passage.

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