2018-10-28 Solomons Pit-Stop

After the Krogen Rendezvous we moved next door to Washburns. All “three” of us were going in for our annual check-ups. The girl above takes a lot more care than the Admiral or me!

Magnolia on the hard at Washburn Boat Yard

It’s a bit of a step up when Magnolia is on the “hard.” BTW, we are staying at a local AirBnB while she is out of the water. 

The bottom did not require a full paint but some touch-up. New zincs and props were cleaned and coated.

In addition to our own appointments we have been doing a fair amount of socializing as well, though short on pictures. We had dinner with cousins Julie & George and Dan & Lori. We also “squeezed-in” a couple of Happy Hours with Runaway (Marti & Matt) and Lali (Bill & Laurie). 

During World War II, Solomons, MD was home to U. S. Naval Amphibious Training Base (http://www.wilmon.com/usnatbsmd.html)

Former U. S. Naval Amphibious Training Base, Solomons, Maryland

At nearly every place we visit we find these little spots of history. One of my favorite things in the world is to walking these lands and finding there place in history. So very lucky!

The Admiral managed a brief shore-leave with her girlfriends. It looks like they had a swell time.

The and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary while we were in Solomons.  Knowing how to get to Annettes heart I found a place that served the best Crab Cakes and Kim Crawford wine!

I made a quick trip to FL to celebrate my Great Uncle Wayne’s 100th birthday. He is my Grandpa Emerson’s youngest  brother. What a terrific evening and so grateful to have been included. I am focused on being like my uncle!!!

I was also re-introduced to a cousin who I played with when I was little and down on the farm in Ohio. I am going to work to stay in better touch!

And if all this luck was not enough. Our friends Dan & Marcia on Cutting Class was passing though St Augustine on the same day. Time did not allow us to connect but I did manage a picture as they pass by.

Cutting Class just north of St Augustine

I am at the airport in JAX waiting on my return to Maryland. If all goes to plan, Magnolia will be splashed this afternoon and we will move back aboard tonight and get off the dock tomorrow before the weekends blow. More soon. Be Safe A**2

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