2018-08-15–Tonawanda, NY (Niagara Falls)

After our “concert night” in Buffalo we were off to Tonawanda, NY.


Departing Buffalo “can” be a little tricky and failure to take the right path…well we will get to that….departing Canalside it is imperative to get into the Black Rock Canal entrance keeping the sea wall to port. That seawall is the separation between the Canal and the Niagara River.


As the Niagara River narrows the river accelerates so that at this point we are moving along at 6 knts in the canal and the river 20 feet away is flowing at 12 plus knots!


If for some reason you get on the wrong side of that sea wall the current is so strong there is not way to turn around and get out….you will end up here….yea, Niagara Falls….dont mess up!


We did not get any pictures during the passage because of staying focused on doing it right…no mistakes could be tolerated. In the end we made it into Tonawanda just fine.


After getting Magnolia settled we walked around town to get our bearings.  North Tonawanda, NY is on the north side of the Erie Canal and Tonawanda, NY. 


Who would have guessed?


The grounds and


harbor were just lovely, really nice.


The Admiral took a day and made the short trip to Niagara Falls.


It was her first time and seemed to really enjoy the views




Meanwhile, back aboard I started stripping the old something. Its not varnish and its not paint but some kind of covering with high adhesion!


Annette’s family name is “Weckesser” which roughly translates to roll maker. Well we found a place that sells “Beef on Weck” and below was her response!


The Admiral also continued her Lake Erie Carrousel Tour by touring the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum.



As we head towards the middle of August its time to start looking east and our next stop on the Erie Canal

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