2018-04-16–Threading the needle..

When we departed St Augustine we knew we would be threading the needle on weather…though the calendar says April the strength of the still occasional fronts still makes us think March! Slowly but surely we are making progress towards the Chesapeake Bay.


As long time readers may remember, we generally get off shore from Georgia and South Carolina. In this region there are very big tides and many many shoaling hazards. The upside to going inside is that we get to stop into Beaufort, SC and visit Pentagon Sailing Club members Jerry & Winnie. Jerry was actually one of our instructors early on. We had wonderful time catching up and glad to hears is all is well in their world!


It was a two day trip up to Charleston where we caught up S/V Cutting Class and scored an invited to lunch at Slightly North Of Broad (SNOB) for the locals. At the time little did I realize we would be celebrating Marcia’s Birthday!


For reason that are not excatly clear to me, I had never in my life had Shrimp and Grits. Dan and Marcia assured us these were the best on the east coast so how could I not make that my lunch selection? Though a picture was missed we did get a visit from Vickie and her cute puppie Sammy….one of the few pups that could make the cut as a member of the crew!!!


From Charleston we made a long day of it up into the  Waccamaw ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waccamaw_River). One of our favorite regions on the east coast. To celebrate I broke out my every-other-month cigar, enjoyed a beer and barbeque dinner with the Admiral….she declined a cigar!


Early morning opening request for Socastee Bridge (https://www.sciway.net/sc-photos/horry-county/socastee-swing-bridge.html)


A stop into Mytle Beach Yacht Club for a visit with my Honeywell days buddy Pete is a requirement as well as a taste of the best wings on the east coast!


Arriving in Southport NC we were shuttled off to an evening of music, fun, food and catching up with our friends Joe & Christine.


Sunday Brunch Southport was the perfect top off to a fun filled weekend.  Thank you Joe & Christine for making us feel so very welcome!


As this post started with weather, we had an extra lay day with a severe front passing through last evening. Lots of rain, wind and lightening. Underway for Swansboro tomorrow though!

6 thoughts on “2018-04-16–Threading the needle..”

  1. I don’t know how you two manage to stay so trim and fit with all those celebrations.
    Cannot believe you have not had shrimp and grits before with all the time you spend in
    the south. We can recommend some award winning “shrimp and grit” dishes the next
    time you are here in St. Augustine. Wishing you good weather as you venture north.
    Wayne and Carmen

  2. We definitely aren’t missing that trip north on the ICW but we do miss the opportunity it gives to run into friends. Hopefully it’s going to warm up soon. We head back next week. Keep enjoying the ride.

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