2018-02-19 Catch Up Mode…AGAIN!

Our ships photographer, Michele Watson took this photo during their most recent visit .

Departing Bradenton FL we crossed Tampa Bay and made a short passage to St Petersburg.


St Petersburg skyline framed by Magnolia bow pulpit.


We anchored in Vinoy Basin which is a wonderful mooring field as long as the wind is NOT from the east….from the east, well its like anchoring inside a Maytag during the agitation cycle!


Out friend Ty & Suzanne came down from The Villages. They are the ones responsible for taking us for out first boat ride. The full story is detailed here: http://a2baker.com/magnoliablog/?p=2295 They have always been there to offer help and they even provided refuge during hurricane Irma. Thank you again and always Ty & Suzanne!


A wonderful shot of Magnolia taken by a fellow boater.


Our friend John and his brother Marty use to keep their sailboat Escapade in the slip next to Magnolia-M in Galesville, MD. Since our departure both brothers have relocated to FL along with Escapade. It was a great night hanging with John and there family friend Pat on exile from her iced over home in Illinois!


You may not see them, but those were the best BLTs I have eaten anywhere anytime. Fabulous! (Tiki St Pete Beach)


We have been members of the Seven Sea Cruising Association for a number of years, but have not been able to attend a GAM in a couple. Lucky for us  there was one scheduled in St Pete.


We always appreciate a little weather lesson from our weather guru Chris Parker. He was recently promoted to Chief Forecaster!


We planned an easy several day passage to CayoCosta State Park to celebrate Valentines Day.


Departing St Pete and heading down Tampa Bay we approach the beautiful Sunset Skyway Bridge. We always take a moment though to consider the terrible tragedy that occurred here in 1980! (http://www.fox13news.com/wtvt-archive/1980-sunshine-skyway-bridge-tragedy)


And now to out nuisance hour…that is the Tom Adams bridge…that is down…as in broken down…as in for several days.  Lucky for us our mast now folds down with just a little bit of effort. We dropped the hook, lowered the mast and were able to safely past underneath the next morning.


The Admiral stated she wanted 2 NON-workdays at the beach which being a wise Captain I ensured she received!




Our friends on Amici arrived the night before we departed so were able to get in a brief visit and celebratory happy hour.


Our next stop was to Sanibel Island. We had never been there before and our friends from Acadia so that was more than enough reason for a stop by.


Our friends Tim & Diane rolled out the welcome mat and even shared Dianes Birthday celebration. A swell time had by all!



Next stop Cape Coral for some dress shopping….yup, dress shopping!


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  1. Anthony and Annette, Thanks for hosting us aboard Magnolia-M, your fabulous new trawler. We envy you, and hope one day to cross to the Dark Side ourselves. 😉

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