2018-01-09 “Yes its next year…”

I keep wondering when things will slow down, not that anything is bad or anything, just that time flies by so fast!!! We finally got out of the boat yard once and for all…well at-least for now. December was spent getting use to our new home and most importantly reconnecting with family and friends…well yes there were a few boat chores tossed in there. Might as well as start there…yes, there is always a bilge pump switch needing to be swapped out. The bilges on this boat have not been cared for all that well so there is much more cleaning to get done….its an ongoing project.


The saloon lighting also received an upgrade with some recessed light along the outer edges. We did something similar on the sail boat and were very happy with the outcome.


The mooring field is part of Sunset Bay so you can obviously see where the name comes from.  I still think Tucson, AZ is the best place for sunsets, but this is a close second.


Annette made a backing for the solar panel and it was my job to set the grommets. Sure glad we have this semi sledge hammer made for the job!


We were able to meet up with my old Ticonderoga shipmate Mike for a pre-Christmas libation. He relocated to the Stuart are and it has been great reconnecting!


Our friend Mimz returned to Florida from her cooler home….cannot believe she did not stay in the summer like we did. She did seem to enjoy her visit aboard. I am thinking she is a stow-away risk, a welcome one that is for sure.


Annette’s sister Rochelle and Robins came for a vacation to FL and we were able to steal a little of there away time to spend with us. It was a terrific afternoon and fun evening.


As we crept closer to the holiday season the weather crept closer to unacceptable. We had several days of down right cold temperatures! That fog is not from warm air…just say’n.


Annette and i managed a 48 hour trip to DC for Christmas eve and Christmas day. We enjoyed an evening with my cousins and catching up with the other GenIV’s



One surprise was the popularity of the Magnolia-M cap during the white elephant exchange. That cap changed hands several time!


Back in Stuart, FL we celebrated a birthday on New Years eve. It was a fun time with Pegasus, Amici, Exuberant and Magnolia all together once again!


Under that category of it takes a village…this 88lb Rocna Vulcan beast required the whole village to get aboard. My friend Burt helped me get the old CQR off the bow and delivered ashore. Out mutual friend Mary drove us uptown for the pickup and we got in the dink just before the weather really kicked up. We left is rest in the dink for a day till the wind laid down and Annette and I got her mounted on the bow. This monster is going to be making for some good sleep! ….btw, yes there are some “real” shackles on the way!


We wrapped the holidays with Amici arriving in Stuart and much food and drink ensued. We managed time aboard and ashore!




Exuberant and Amici beyond!


Next post….we are FINALLY outta here!!!!


Until then, be safe! A**2

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