2017-11-08 Varnish & “The Reverend of Sole”

“SOLE – Cabin or saloon floor.” One thing I always wanted to do on Magnolia-S was have the cabin sole refinished. It was one of the tasks on the must do list for Magnolia-M . The pilothouse is real Teak and Holly. Many boats have Teak & Holly veneer on plywood so I was completely surprised to find that our sole was solid boards instead. Learning that was all the more reason to restore the best we could. In regards to tools see the single edge scrapers to the left. The Reverend used those and a heat gun to quickly removed the existing varnish.



Ray, also known as the Reverend Of Sole has done A LOT of work on Magnolia. He is leading the way and lets me come and get in the way. I help where and I can and really excel at step-n-fetch.


Using the heat gun and scraper got down to the raw Teak and Holly.


The raw wood was power sanded with increasing finer paper to 220 grit.


The Reverend used the AwlGrip products on the sole.


The first coat application was absorbed like a sponge.


The Reverend used a taped 3 inch chip brush to cut the edges and then a 6 inch foam roller for application.



If the Reverend did not step on the sole he was able to apply 2 coats per workday.


This was application of coat number 4.


In the end we applied 7 coats in the Pilothouse.


The rest of the sole is teak parquet . The Reverend tapes the edge to protect the teak as he is sanding.


The plan was to give the below decks sole a good sanding and not go to the time and expense of fully stripping the sole.


After three coats of varnish and hardware re-installed they look terrific! We will be putting down some rugs and the gloss finish will make the edges really pop!


If all goes to plan we will be moving aboard next week. We are very excited to say the least.

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  1. Wow! Beautiful! And how does the Reverend of Sole do all of that without wearing knee pads?! My knees and back hurt just looking at those photos! Well done indeed. I’m so excited for you and am looking forward to photos of the Admiral’s finishing touches. Can’t wait to meet Magnolia-M!

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