2015-01-21 Kelly-Nicole and The Blue Hole

Magnolia arrived Long Island just in time to prepare for our next weather front, happens to be the same one that is dropping a couple feet of snow on DC this weekend….I guess we can leave the city but not escape the storm!


Since a storm was coming to DC we thought we should head out and buy all the toilet paper bread and milk we could carry.  Thankfully our friends Paul & Debra from Kelly Nicole were along. See Paul & Debra lived in Rochester and Buffalo so storm stories with them were only met with humorous mocking!!

Since the world was coming to an end we decided a bit of touring around Long Island was in order. We rented a Ford Escape and headed south to Clareancetwon where the guide stated “the road abruptly ends.”


This was a complete understatement!  I mean, one second cruising along and the the end, no sign no nothing…just the end. No fatalities though Paul needed to “freshen up” once I got the truck stopped!


We stopped at a famous blue hole where people free dive holding their breaths. Crazy! The hole there is at least 650 feet deep. Annette and Paul wanted to snorkel it but with overall clouds and a water motion suggesting they could be sucked down and flushed out! Later reviewing the plan and the outcome with the locals they maid them promise never to think about swimming there again, too dangerous….oh.


I forgot to include the picture of Paul any the Memorial to all the people who have dies swimming in the hole…actually free divers but makes for a better story….


Well I am still writing on my cell phone so I need to go before my thumbs cramp up…be safe and buy a snow shovel. Vessel and Crew are well!

6 thoughts on “2015-01-21 Kelly-Nicole and The Blue Hole

  1. Wait PAUL wanted to snorkel the blue hole? That seems counter-intuitive to me. I mean…sharks. And all that. Still, you guys on the east coast are really the popular crowd around here these days with your warm water and blue skies. Keep it up! Looks like a great time in spite of world-ending storms. Yeah, we know a little something about wind and rain here, too. Yesterday i spent two hours cleaning green slime off of Galapagos’ topside. Fun.

    • I felt the hole would be the last place a shark would be hiding, though I did think about it. I did not expect a current though. Being a blue hole and now having a swirl, it was too toilet bowl looking for me to jump in. The locals are really freaked out about the place, which really freaks me out now. We will be here a bit longer so maybe I will get another chance.

      No comment on Anthony’s driving. Left! Left! 🙂 He did good actually. Everyone would have drank more if I was driving.

  2. “End of the road” looked like a place we found out in Springfield trying to get back onto I-95… well, except for the beach and blue water. 😉 Just visited the Royal Albatross Centre on Otago Peninsula in N.Z. Hope you get to see these beautiful birds while sailing one day. Have a ball in the Out Islands!

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