2015-12-24 Merry Christmas Edition

Blog had some challenges, I know even more than usual…see my laptop died of a unfortunate “smoke release.” Anyone who knows well having one computer between and Annette and I well that’s a “challenge.” In addition too that, my camera went missing aboard for a week. Knew it was aboard but it took a while for it to reveal itself! We have things together as they are till we return to the states so making it all work. More importantly Magnolia has been 100% operational so that’s what is really important I keep forgetting but we installed a water maker last summer and have been making our own fresh water from the salt water around us!


Anyway, after getting checked in to Bahamas Customs and Immigration we caught our breath at Hope Town, Abacos. In addition we wanted to catch back up with SV Cutting Class and MV Kindred Spirit. Sadly Cutting Class was slowed by weather but Kindred Spirit was just a day or two behind. Soon it was time for Magnolia to get underway and head for the Exumas if we were ever going to make it to Long Island!


The trip down to the Exumas includes a 50 mile passage across the “Northeast Providence Channel” We have found this to the “biggest water” traverse anywhere as well as one of the busiest from a shipping stand point.The current track is the thick green one. You will see about half way across we need to maneuver to give out selves a little more room from an approaching freighter.


We arrived the west side of Current Cut just before dusk to anchored there for the night. As the name suggests there is a LOT of current through there and thankfully the optimum time to go through was just after the dawn on the next day! 


After a goof night sleep and successfully transiting Current Cut we made the short hop across the banks to “Middle Ground” coral fields. It is not too hard to transit but you do need to keep an eye for a stray coral head that may or may not be deep enough to really mess up your boat!


After a night anchorage at one of our favorites “Hawksbill Cay” we traversed on to Black Point Exumas. This is one of the “big towns” in the Exumas so we will stay here for Christmas.


We will try and get back on Blog Schedule next week! Be Safe, have a terrific holiday and a safe weekend!

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  1. Anthony and Annette, Wishing you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Fair winds, following seas, calm anchorages and good holding ground.

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