2012-06-15 Wye River Cruising!


After our Memorial Day sail Annette and I agreed we would do two weekends of boat work and sail on the third. We had no way of knowing that third weekend would be the best conditions we could possibly hope for! Long live the Lucky Duck! The day of departure the winds were North, North-East turning east. As the chart below shows, longer we could keep those North winds the more sailing we would do that day. As luck would have it the weather man was wrong and we were able to sail door-to-door as indicated by the track with showing our “tacks” on the way out. The return track is nice and smooth indicating we either had the wind behind the beam or we had no wind and had to motor. Sadly the second was true for the trip home!


Annette and I arrived Wye River mid day after a spectacular morning 23 mile sail. We had lovely afternoon swimming and simply relaxing in the warm but not hot sunshine. Believe it or not, there is not a whole lot of relaxing done on Magnolia. Our girl needs a lot of love and we have a lot to learn so we are normally pretty busy. That day though was for us!

Before returning to Galesville we dropped the Blossom (or dinghy) in the water and explored further up river. We have a 9ft RIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) with a 15 horse outboard. If provides us the ability to sneak up into some really small creeks which are often really really cool!


Note our anchorage in the lower left corner.

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