2015-08-01–Magnolia in Michigan

Annette and I have been aboard Magnolia full time for nearly 2 1/2 years and have never been away for more than a couple days. We have not been up to visit Michigan for a number of years so it was a time to go! It also gave us the opportunity to get out of the hot and steamy Chesapeake Bay Summer! On the bad side my picture taking NEEDS to improve! We get yacking and I forget to start snapping…not good!


First stop was downtown Detroit for lunch with my niece Janine at a fabulous bar-b-que place call Slows. Highly recommended mostly because we yacked and ate for a couple hours and they did not toss us out!


Later in the day we met up with few people from the gang I grew up with, literally, like kindergarten!  We laughed and talked the night away, terrific time and so happy to see everyone…thank you for taking time out of your schedules!!!


A very special thank you to Bill Mazarra who could not join us from his home in Texas but did indeed send a bottle of wine…here’s to you Bill!!!

Next day was a stop at my bother Jimmy’s house for a visit with him, Angie and their three terrific kids. They are all doing and exceptionally well and it was a real treat catching up with all the goings on….and there was the brunch to die for…thank you Jim & Angie for making us feel so welcome.

2015_07_22_16_25_50_AWB-028    2015_07_22_16_26_07_AWB-031

(along the shore of Lake Michigan)

It was off then to Canadian Lakes MI to visit and relax with my parents at there place. We gabbed for about 3 days straight, did a little touring and stopped in for a visit with Mrs Carpenter (Dean) who lived two doors down in Detroit. It was a wonderful visit and very relaxing, hopefully we did not make too much work for mom and dad!!!


Long time readers will recognize Frank from Eleanor Q whom we spent much of our first season cruising with. We met up with Mary Marie who took us over to Franks office. We caught him in the midst of a high powered staff meeting! We had a terrific evening visiting and catching up and look forward to looking off Magnolia’s beam to find Eleanor Q nearby!

Next stop was the traditional Steinke Family reunion near Lima OH. As always great to catch up but especially so with my godson who is growing up so darn fast! I also have to say quite the young gentlemen as well!!!

On they way to Virginia was a breakfast stop with Ted & Tina Tennar, my friend Jacks brother. We have been crossing pats for the better part of 30 years and always so much fun to catch up.

After the long drive back to Arlington, Annette and I crashed one last time at our condominium. The next day we closed the deal to sell so now we really are house-less! We are really at home aboard Magnolia.

Next time water maker installation!

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