2011-12-29 Winter Continues!

Truthfully we have no reason to complain about this winter, at least so far! Most know this is our “big work” winter on Magnolia. We had the mast un-stepped for the rigger and sails hauled off to the sail loft for the winter. The rigger is giving the mast and chain plates (wire shrouds tie the mast to the chain plates attached to Magnolias hull) a winters full of attention. Every piece of hardware, wire and screw has been removed and the mast stripped of paint down to bare aluminum. The mast will be painted with 3 coats of paint and updated hardware, rewired and new low energy LED lighting installed. As far as the sails, the sail loft looked at them made a few minor repairs, cleaned them and they are ready for hanking on as soon and the temperatures climb! (and the mast is stepped).


Shrink wrap support frame goes up

2012_01_07_19_08_34_AWB-001 2012_01_07_19_08_34_AWB-003

Shrink wrap from the outside and inside below. The goal is simply to keep snow from piling up in the cockpit though it does get incredibly warm “inside” even in the middle of winter.

Annette and I have our own list which is, knock on wood, is going along pretty darn well. Going into the fall we “thought” we were going to have to install new water lines to the forward head. After some additional investigation we found we that a little re-routing was all that was required. Annette is as usual behind her sewing machine. She made a cover for the outboard motor and a new wind scoop for cabin hatch. On those nights when at anchor and the wind is not blowing quite enough the wind scoop will hopefully get us there. In addition for fun she makes these bags made from retired sails. These bags are righteous! They are in-destructible, highly water resistant and as cool as boat stuff gets! The one below (shown in progress) was made for a raffle the Pentagon Sailing Club was having.

2011_11_12_20_46_38_AWB-015 2011_09_18_17_50_50_AWB-010


2 thoughts on “2011-12-29 Winter Continues!

  1. Hey sailors! Like the shrink wrap idea. We build a wood frame for a heavy tarp, that seems to get battered every season, and I’m at the point where I have to try something different, or head south early 🙂
    We also sail a M44 1989, that we are prepping for the cruising life. Five hundred days to go, as of today. Will be interesting to compare boats some day.
    Paul & Debra
    Sodus Point NY
    SV Kelly Nicole

  2. Normally we dont have a frame up, its just that we pulled the mast for re-hab this winter. Normally have the dink on fwd deck, run shrink wrap across the boom and slant forward and aft from there. As I wrote earlier, today is 560 days for us. I would guess if you are coming through the canal, un-stepping and stepping the mast, down the Hudson to the Chesapeake Bay you should be getting to Annapolis just about July 30th!! 🙂 If you want to plan ahead, there WILL BE a party that night in Galesville, MD! Google Map below. There are a bunch of boat pictures at http://www.a2baker.com. Be Safe, thanks for writing, dont know we don’t anyone else with a M44, a few M46s but no 44s. Be Safe Anthony & Annette S/V Magnolia
    Party: http://g.co/maps/fw7f3

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