2011-10-13 St Mary’s, MD Waiting on Fog

It’s 7:30 the engine is idling the only problem, okay that might be too strong, is there is a bit of fog. We usually have coffee and a bite to eat after we get underway but today we will sit tight for a bit. It has been a busy week this far and have we have really enjoyed the anchorage here across from St Mary’s College.


Magnolia has been sailing in the company of S/V Second Sally (Greg & Marie Rodgers) this week which has been great fun.  We all went ashore yesterday toured the grounds and enjoyed lunch in the Student Commons at St May’s College. We had a nice walk around the campus. I did not know it but St Mary’s was the first Capitol of Maryland. In 1934 the State reconstructed the original statehouse and some of the surrounding grounds as a historic attraction. It is quite nice and on being on this beautiful river only adds to it!


2011_10_12_14_39_34_AWB-021 2011_10_12_14_35_04_AWB-024 2011_10_12_14_17_18_AWB-031 2011_10_12_12_59_32_AWB-038 2011_10_12_14_16_30_AWB-032

2011_10_12_14_07_34_AWB-035 2011_10_12_13_01_24_AWB-037 2011_10_12_13_01_38_AWB-036

The one thing Annette and I are still getting our arms around is…when we go ashore and look out to the anchorage and see Magnolia out there, we simply have to shake our heads and ask how lucky can we be?

2011_10_13_08_58_54_AWB-012 Sadly Magnolia and Second Sally will part ways today as Annette and I start our trek back north and Greg & Mare head south eventually back to the Bahamas. We are going to charter a boat in the Bahamas this winter so hopefully we will at least catch up there.

Assuming we can safely get underway this morning we will make a 40 mile back up to Solomon’s and anchor there is a beautiful cove we found while taking the dinghy around there earlier this week. The weatherman is calling for winds out of the south and that anchorage will provide us good coverage for that as well.

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