2015-01-01 Happy New Years–Back & Forward

The Admiral and I celebrated New Years Eve with a nice dinner and some great acoustic music at the local crab house here in Marathon FL The location rewarded us with the one of the best and last sunsets of 2014.


The location also offered perhaps one of the finest deserts of 2014, Deep Fried Key Lime Pie. Yes, you heard it!!! Only at Burdines in Marathon FL. Hear that Mark Glass!

10897105_10204168912440557_8252414845717752119_n (2)

Marathon competes with Tucson AZ for the best sunsets I have been lucky enough to witness (btw I am hoping that get witness sunsets for a long time too!) People here seem to treat sunsets as the high point of the day, usually with a cocktail!


Of course our friends Bert & Prue on Exuberant are here. They do a great job of keeping us out of trouble! Smile Missing our other WF friends around the holidays!


Al, make note of the name on the glass, best so far!


The Admiral and I celebrated a lovely Christmas Eve dinner at Keys Steak & Lobster.



In the last year we have covered almost 7000 miles, starting with last years trip down to the Bahamas.

Capture- 1

Maine for part of the summer

Capture- 2

We have enjoyed a much more leisurely trip south this year, the second time is always MUCH easier!

Capture- 3

As for next, we are hoping for a weather window early this week that will allow us to cross the Gulf Stream in relative comfort carrying us to the ENE into either Chub Cay or Morgan’s Bluff on Andros. From there we will head ESE towards the Exuma Island chain.


It has been a terrific year on Magnolia, hope the same for you as well. Be Safe, Be Well!

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