2010-10-23 — A**2 Celebrates #6 w/ Sail To St Michaels, MD.


To celebrate our anniversary Annette and I planned a weekend trip to St Michaels, MD.  St Michaels is a lovely Eastern Shore town founded in the 1600’s with a history of trapping and tobacco production. During the War of 1812, towns people hoisted lanterns into the surrounding trees and the British Cannon fire landed harmlessly in the woods! In the 20th century, fishing and ship building has dominated the area. Really is a wonderful romantic get away!


Upon arriving St Michael harbor using the VHF Radio Annette requested a slip from the dock master. As luck would have it, the assigned slip was right in front of a restaurant featuring Alfresco dining. We managed, with Magnolia’s help to safely dock without any winds or currents sending us askew! Always the most embarrassing moments. As any boat owner will tell you, most days you watch the entertainment at the dock, but some days you are the entertainment! That day we were not, simply humble and thankful!

2010_10_23_16_32_12_AWB-045 2010_10_23_20_06_24_AWB-060 2010_10_23_21_24_18_AWB-062-B

We enjoyed a lovely dinner and awoke to a spectacular view to of the harbor. With strong winds forecast it was time to cover the 25 miles and get back on our side of the bay before things got sporty.



The Admiral there looking cute in her Tilly Brimmed hat, the Captain appears to be ready to face the North Atlantic! Below red is the planned return track and the blue is the actual GPS recorded track. All cut corners were done with malice and for thought!



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