2014-03-29 Family, Friends & Camaraderie (Vero Beach, FL)

This is not going to be one of those picture posts instead I am actually going to try and write something so stick with me here. I was talking with my friend, Jack Tennar, this  morning about this and that and the hope to be up his way for a visit early June. A couple of things dawned on me.

#1 How lucky we have been to share such great moments and friends as we have traveled this winter. We cannot begin to list all the wonderful people we have met – each with such interesting stories. In addition to our friends who we have traveled with extensively on Eleanor Q, we have made new friends nearly every place we have visited. I am sure there are some acquaintances we may never see again and other friends we shall call from our wheel chairs and say, “remember that winter of ‘13 when we sailed to the Bahamas?” I look forward to that call…EVENTUALLY!

#2 Try never to take for granted that there will be a next visit, grab them when you can! My second cousin, Penny, visits Vero Beach for a couple of months every winter to escape from her mountain in Colorado. We have crossed paths one way or the other for nearly 40 years and NEARLY missed an opportunity for a reunion in Vero. We don’t get to see each other that often but I always enjoy our visits.  So thankfully the weather cooperated and allowed us to get back west with barely days to spare for a delightful visit with her.

#3 Take a moment and send that email that says “you doin’ ok?” I received such an email from a former supervisor this week and what a treat it was. I am somewhat infamous for dropping an email from outta no where (which my mother chides me about) but when it happens to you it is a real treat. It often saddens me when we loose touch with people in our lives. Sure, people grow and interests lie elsewhere and time is always short. I always think its better to stay a little connected than lost forever…just say’n.

So to those friends we have met along the way, we look forward to crossing wakes again. To our friends and family back on land, we might roam the waterways, but we will always be returning and look forward to visiting with each of you. Mims/Vickie in Charleston, SC; Pete Saunders in Sunset, NC; Cleckners in Swansboro, NC — all be ready, we are on the way in the next couple of months. Tennar family, expect us early June because it really is all about camaraderie.  Just say’n….

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  1. Please let us know if you intend to stop in Southport NC. We would love to have you over for dinner and provide a warm bed and hot shower for the evening.

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