2014-01-17 Warderick Wells (Part 4)

As you can see Nancy on S/V Mandala is the best picture taker of all of us! She took most of these too! Annette and Ron prepare to snorkel onto one of the MANY reefs.




After snorkeling Annette and I got cleaned up and put on our formal Magnolia uniforms for dinner aboard Mandala





We actually hung around a couple extra days because a cold front was expected to pass through the area. When it passed through plenty of wind accompanied it! Magnolia’s rigging screams when there is that much wind coming through. Vessel and crew came through just fine! Now off too Staniel Cay


2 thoughts on “2014-01-17 Warderick Wells (Part 4)

  1. This is truly the life for the two of you. I swear you both look 10 years younger than when we last rafted up together! To be honest, it’s beginning to hurt a bit to look at the color of that water while we are shoveling 8″ of snow. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

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