2014-01-16 Warderick Wells (Part 2)

I know, I promised Warderick Wells but I am catching up on posts since we have been out in the hinterland for the last week. Annette and I broke away from the pack and headed a little out of the way to a place called Hawksbil Cay. We assumed it would be a little quiet being off the beaten path but we had as far as the eye could see to ourselves till sunset! Out view of the cay.


We have been traveling within the 176sqr mile Exuma Land & Sea Park where there is nothing but beach, birds and fish! Lots of each! There is a $20.00 mooring fee to help maintain the place, we consider it a bargain. Annette is up dropping our money in a box on the sign. Completely honor system.


Magnolia lies at anchor off shore.



Not only does she drive Magnolia sometimes I get chauffeured on Blossom as well. (Blossom is out dinghy of course – 15hp Yamaha sitting atop a 9ft Caribe RIB)


When I am really lucky she drags us up a creek too. Actually the real reason we came to Hawksbil was to explore this creek. Annette was disappointed to find the water shallow to motor but wanted to press on.



In the end we were treated to our own personal aquarium around this Mangrove. It was filled with fish and even a 2 foot sand shark.



Like I said we have the place to ourselves till just before sunset when a 136 MegaYacht came in and anchored. Not even an invitation for sundowners!


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