2010-09-26 – SSCA GAM Weekend @ Annapolis, MD

Well before the weekend began our friend Kurt was in town on business and came by to raid my Scotch Cabinet! Since this is a blog about our sailing adventures on Magnolia you may be scratching your head as to what Kurtsvisit and the below picture has to do with anything! This might come as a surprise but I am least mechanical person you are likely to meet in your lifetime. This particular attribute can best be described by the coffee cups awarded to our team (Jack, Kurt & I) after working on Jack Tennar’s 1970s Checker Cab several years ago. Mine was labeled “Beer B!$&h” Yes I managed to avoid picking up a single wrench. Fast forward to current time and I and am now Chief Mechanic aboard Magnolia responsible for multiple diesel engines along with another Four-Stroke outboard! Well as luck would have it, my latest Diesel Service Manual arrived the day of Kurts visit and he had the honor of bestowing said manual. How the world changes. I did notice all my wrenches were missing after Kurt departed. I suspect he is trying to save me from myself!


Friday afternoon and Saturday Annette and I attended the Seven Sea’s Cruising Associations yearly Annapolis GAM. It is basically two days of sailors sharing sailing information with other sailors. It also provides a convenient stop for the boats that have spent the summer in Maine and Nova Scotia before heading onto Florida, Bahamas and beyond. For us its a real motivator to get those “shekels” in the bank, our skill level up and the systems aboard Magnolia where they need to be!

2010_09_27_19_56_45_AWB-027 2010_09_25_16_06_43_AWB-012 2010_09_25_16_06_11_AWB-009

All in all, a great weekend! Next weekend is Cleckner (Annette’s) Family out on Magnolia. It will be a busy weekend!

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  1. I’ll be back to DC in a couple of weeks. I promise to show you where I hid the tools AFTER you have read the manual! You will be like the diesel submariners of old that could always be distinguished by their unique diesel odor. I think it beats Aqua Velva all to hell. Time to set holiday routine.

    Mini over and out

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