2013-12-23 Palm Beach & Beyond!

Patterns are finally emerging that we can recognize. Magnolia moves like crazy for a few days and then we plant our feet for a couple of days in places like Titusville, Cocoa or the infamous “Velcro” Beach. The last couple have have been crazy days. After departing Vero Beach and enjoying our mile 1000 anchorage we arrived in North Lake Worth (Cruisers) or  North Palm Beach as the rest of the world know it by.

photo 3



Starting to get down the channel towards Palm Beach, the house keep getting bigger and more and more fancy with every passing mile.


Per Wikipedia Jack Nicklaus redesigned the towns golf course in 2006



Eleanor Q has point as we head for the last bridge of the day!!!


It Ii s easy to see how happy the last bridge of the day can make some people…


The real treat for visiting Lake Worth was to hook up with our friends from S/V Second Sally (Greg & Marie). We last saw them up in NC so it was great to catch up. It also gave the crews of Eleanor Q and Second Sally to meet. They have spoken on the radio several time but never met face to face!


Panorama of the West Palm Beach Skyline to include the 32 story Trump Towers.




Upon arriving Boca Raton we passed Lake Boca which appears to be the Hines Park of my youth. “Yup, I am sure nothing bad happens here!” 




Approaching For Lauderdale there seemed to be as many canals as city streets. Fabulously beautiful home with crazy nice bats tied right out front. Yup, 1% seems to being just fine!!


Eleanor Q making her way through the Fort Lauderdale suburbs…such they are.



Again you can tell we approaching the last of the days 19 bridges. Oh yes, all but one of those were restricted. That means we had to time our arrival for their scheduled opening or make a request on the radio for them to open. Yes, give that a try for 18 times in one day, lost of things to balance trying to get a boat through Fort Lauderdale!


Magnolia passing through one of MANY bridges! (Credit Eleanor Q)

photo 4

Somewhere between Titanic and “I cant take another bridge!” (Credit Eleanor Q)

photo 6

Our anchorage in Sunrise Bay and a cold beer makes the days passage all the more worth while.




We will arrange for dockage next door at the Coral Beach Marina and spend the Christmas Holiday making a celebration dinner, giving thanks for our passage thus far and hopefully  Skyping (call us at AWWBAKER) with friend and family!

A recap of the trip this far!!!


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