2010-09-10 Rodgers Sail Into Town on Second Sally

Greg & Marie arrived in Galesville last week after departing Colonial Beach, VA the week before. You might recall that Greg & Marie helped us (probably more accurately we helped them) get Magnolia home from Florida. They have spent the summer getting Second Sally ready to head back to sea and are making a break for waters south to stay ahead of the frost! After working on their boat all summer they still had the energy and willingness to help us with our endless questions on everything sailing. They have sailed the coast of California through the Panama Canal, The Caribbean and a couple Atlantic crossings over and into the Mediterranean.

2010_09_11_19_55_36_AWB-012 2010_09_11_19_55_27_AWB-011

I know these pictures are nearly identical but I can never get  a decent picture of Get so thought as I finally got a couple, better use them!

2010_09_11_20_38_00_AWB-013 2010_09_10_20_17_29_AWB-001

The multiple weekends we spent in Florida together getting Magnolia ready and our 2 week sail north was the absolutely, best classroom that Annette and I could have had. As I have said before, Greg & Marie have left us in good stead so if we screw it up, its not cause we were trained RIGHT! We will miss having you near but we sure look forward to coming to see you in the Bahamas this winter!!

Until we sail together again, fair winds and following seas……

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