2013-12-16 Cocoa, FL

Cocoa to me always makes me think of the early Astronauts racing around in Corvettes raising all kinds of hell. Of course that did not include John Glen! I know I read too many books on the subject growing up. We were actually anchored just off from Cocoa Village which is about 6 miles and 2 islands west of Cocoa Beach, FL


I really liked Cocoa Village it. It really reminded me of the Redondo Beach, CA. It was more like the more quiet and sedate neighbor to its larger brothers around the area.


While Annette did some shopping I enjoyed some music by local musician.


We surely enjoyed walking the streets around town. Such a nice area to stroll around in.




There are a number of cute houses around town. This particular home was really neat.



When the crew is ashore we try and make time for an ice cream snack.



Annette writes a blog at www.seamless-sailor.com. One of the people she has corresponded with is lady named Drena. She and her husband JR sail aboard SV Journey (www.sailingjourney.net). As happens they were in Cocoa same as we so the ladies we were able to meet aboard Magnolia and enjoyed the evening ashore.



In previous visits we have visited Cape Canaveral, Disney World etc, This visit the one place I wanted to go was the Ron Jon Surf Shop. It is beachwear Mecca!




This particular day there was a fair amount of wind so we left the anchor alarm going onboard Magnolia. It has a really great feature that it will send timed Text Messages to a phone so you can tell if you are drifting. What great feature to have.


We will be getting underway for s short hop to down to Melbourne, FL. Our friends Greg and Marie (Second Sally) departed Jacksonville this morning and Frank & MaryMarie (Eleanor Q) departed Daytona this morning. We will all meet up later this week so it will be a great reunion week!

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