2013-11-25 – See Ya Next Time Charleston!

It would be an understatement to say we enjoyed our time at the “southern city on the coast” but we really like Charleston!  We moored at the City Marina which is the same marina David Geffen moored his yacht. Take one look at the link and you will see that is where the similarity ends! We did hoist our holiday flags. Most people think the flags are for celebration or holiday; actually we put them up so we could find Magnolia is this mammoth marina, it is HUGE!


We have been looking forward to our stop in Charleston since we departed. We knew our friend’s Jack & Kathy were coming from New Jersey for a visit and we would be reunited with our friends Mims and Vicki whom we met years ago in the Bahamas. The day we arrived (L-R) Mims and her friend joined Annette and I on Magnolia for a glass of wine.


Our friends Frank & MaryMarie aboard Eleanor Q but below is as close as we got! This visit our schedules could not get synched up but we are very much looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with them in Hilton Head.


A little message for the cruising community. Laundry is one of those tasks that can be not so bad or really miserable. Well the Variety Store Restaurant at the City Marina has a laundry facility just off the restaurant lobby. It’s a simple matter of Breakfast and Laundry and they toss in free beverages while you wait! Voted by the Admiral best laundry experience of the trip thus far!


The Admiral conducting a topside inspection before our week of Charleston festivities began!


Jack and Kathy arrived after driving straight from Central New Jersey. On the recommendation of my Cousin George we walked over to Hominy Grill for a fabulous Southern Cuisine experience. Highly recommended!


It is true my friend Jack spent a great deal of his professional career maintaining US Navy Guns and Missile Launchers and inspite of the fact he appears to be having a mind meld with his Dahlgren Gun, is only reading the inscription! 


After a full day of Charleston tourism we returned to Magnolia for a relaxing evening of Annette’s “Pita Pizza” and maybe a glass of wine or two!



We of course needed to check in with Jack & Kathy’s daughter Caitlin. Thankfully she was not following our example but actually studying!



The gardens were really lovely and can only imagine them in the spring in all there glory!


Background: A number of years ago while on vacation in the Bahamas we met Mims (sitting) and Vicki (right behind Mims). Over the years we have all returned to the Bahamas and visited in Savannah and here in Charleston as well. We have not visited in a few years and I said the net time we return it will be aboard our own boat. We made it which made the visit all the more special.


Jack & Kathy, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives to drive all the way down here. Mims & Vicki, thank you so very much for the hospitality. We always have a fun! As I started though, we will see you next time though, its time to go!

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