2013-08-24 – “Go Day”

Though we tried to wake with a “Laissez-faire” attitude this day was going to be different from all the rest. Today was the day we finally left the dock and took the dock-lines with us, ie we are not coming back!


(The “Admiral” at the helm backs us out of our slip former slip while the “Deck-Ape” looks after things forward.)


(Our friends Nona and Charlie’s rocket-ship, also known as SV Frequent Flyer!)

We visited with a number of employees at Hartge Yacht Harbor who worked on and helped us prepare Magnolia. We filled the water tanks and we were off.


(Hartge Yacht Harbor – Galesville, MD)


(Even the barometer is pointing towards a sunny day as the Admiral takes us out)

Our first day passage was all of 5 miles over to the Rhode River where we will be participating in the Seven Sea’s Cruising Association Gam (gam (gǎm) n. : A social visit or friendly interchange, especially between sailors or seafarers.) 


(Magnolia at Anchor in the Rhode River with Camp Letts in the distance)

We dropped the “dink” in the water and motored to Smithsonian Environmental Research Center around the corner from where we are anchored here on the Rhode. It is a lovely place to get ashore and stretch your legs a little


We did a three (3) mile hike declared victory and are now in relax mode!


All in all a great way to start the adventure!

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