2012-08-04 Automatic Identification System

One of the Admirals (Annette) earliest requests for Magnolia was the inclusion of a Automatic Identification System (AIS)  system as part of the electronics upgrade. There are two types of implementations. A passive system that would allow Magnolia to electronically know what ships were around her. The second in addition seeing what ships are around Magnolia tells those same ships that Magnolia is around them too! Its good to see, but better to be seen! Below is just a couple of the many ships we have seen near by!

2010_05_14_18_15_52_AWB-028 2010_05_15_14_38_25_AWB-044

The AIS System on Magnolia is made up of the two boxes seen below on the left. The AIS transponder is on the right and the device that allows the VHF antenna to be shared is in the center.  Though the picture on the right may not be that pretty, the organization is actually pretty good.

001 002

Below is the cockpit display where surrounding ship data will be displayed and overlaid upon charts and radar data. In addition alarms will be sounded automatically if a ship appears to be moving in a way that might threaten Magnolia with collision.

054 057

As you can see the Admiral appears happy with the additional tools she has available when safely navigating Magnolia.

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