2010-04-28 Weekend #2 on Magnolia – Tampa

Greg, Marie, Annette and I caught an early morning flight from Washington National to Tampa this last Saturday. Twenty minutes after hitting the ground we were at the marine supply store picking up 60 feet of anchor chain to add in front of the 300 feet of rode. Greg and I got the boat underway from Apollo Beach while Annette and Marie chased after some provisioning items. Our friends Ty & Suzanne drove down from Orlando for dinner, not expecting them until after getting Magnolia tied up in her new marina slip (keeping in mind this is the first opportunity I have had to dock her by my own hand). Ty, a former Navy Destroyer Driver and Suzanne also a retired Navy Officer, were also the last people I wanted to see me make a sloppy landing. Thankfully, by the grace of God and some artful coaching from Greg, no one was embarrassed.  Luckily Ty and Suzanne forgot their Olympic score cards:  9.9 or was it 6.6?

Sunday with the wind up and thunderstorms expected in the afternoon, we got Magnolia underway first thing in the AM. We needed to give all of the sail rigging some exercise and see if there were any repairs to be made before departure. Had a good day, sailing all points, rigged the whisker pole and dropped the hook as well. Magnolia carried herself in good stead and performed admirably.

Sunday night we had the thunderstorm from hell with more rain than one could imagine.  We were ensconced at the bar.

Monday we managed to move a rigger, engine mechanic, diesel tank cleaner and the dinghy dealer across the decks for inspections before a late afternoon flight back to Washington.

A very successful weekend!


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