2021-06-20 — Making Memories

As we look to wind down this adventure and ponder the future we want to make and remember as many of these as we can. Not planned but the below really strikes the right note. Our friends and mentor Ty & Suzanne Giesseman (Its Your Boat Too) gave us this set of A2 glasses back aboard Magnolia-S. Everytime we break them out it takes us right back to those early days of just getting started!

In regards to making memories, cant say enough how much fun it was to have my dad aboard on the Charleston to Norfolk leg. In Norfolk we picked up my sister and brother in-law for the hop to Galesville, MD. First day out it was starting to get pretty warm so a stop in Mill Creek near Reedsville was righ in order. The Admiral was able to get to her happy place. A easy swim off the boat.

Sadly my brother in-law is still working but was able to set up a comfortable office in the Saloon.

No trip up the bay is complete without a stop into Solomons to visit with friends Matt & Marti (SV Runaway). We always have a wonderful visit!

It was a great couple of days to share. Hopefully they will always fondly remember the mini adventure.

Arriving back in the Annapolis area is always a homecoming to be shared with our Freshmen Class (2013) SV Mandala and SV Elanor Q. For the record it seems to me every picture I post of Nancy is sitting between two good looking men! Its a gift she has!!! 🙂

SV Exuberant (Burt and Prue) were also in town as well. It was a wonderful evening to be spent at the beautiful Casa de Hames.

Next up was a trip to NJ and visit to Jack & Kathy Tennar. For the new readers, Jack and I have been friends since Navy Days in 1982. Tabernacle NJ has become a second home watching the Tennar girls and the neighborhood kids grow up. It was been wonderful to be part of this community for so many years. It is always been where I have come for sanctuary and rest.

There is always a chore to be done. Today was rust removal from an old rusty block.

The process of choice was electrolysis.(In chemistry and manufacturing, electrolysis is a technique that uses direct electric current (DC) to drive an otherwise non-spontaneous chemical reaction. … The word “lysis” means to separate or break, so in terms, electrolysis would mean either “breakdown of electricity” or “breakdown via electricity”.)

Its seems the process worked pretty darn good!

Luckily I have the same gift as Nancy Hames!

If you have never ridden in a Checker (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checker_Motors_Corporation) make sure you bring ALL and I mean ALL your friends. There is PLENTY of room, trust me!

A visit to Tonewwod Brewing in Collingswood was a perfect capstone to the visit. We were able to catch up with Merle and Neil who have been friends more years than I can possbly remember!

Cannot forget one of great Magnolia supporters, Kathy Hoban, Kathy’s sister inlaw!

Christina works at Tonewood occasionally so it was a great place to catchup!

Magnolia was able to welcome our newest ang youngest crew-member. Maeve joined us for a cruise around the West and Rhode Rivers

We spotted SV Journey.

We managed a quick dinner with SV Bootlegger (Laurie & Sean) SV Bootlegger sails with the Pentagon Sailing Club where we met them. Always fun!!!!

Magnolia is in Galesville for another week. We currently plan to short haul on Monday the 28th and start out trek north immediately following. We are goin to try and do a open house in the fall because there are many people we have not seen that we really want too!!! Be safe

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