2010-05-25 – Heading For The Barn – Galesville, MD

I have, in the past had occurrences of “blog ignore” where certain periods of time nothing has been written. This is one of those times but only a very extensive one! I have to assume it is the “Covid Moment.” At the same time, we have had a couple if very close to home tragedies that have left us feeling a but empty. I am the first one to say out life does not suck, yet at this time, well we wish it were a bit better. We are confident the world will right itself in time and we just need to stay the course. Perhaps a good reminder to us the water is not always ripple free. We have been keeping a low profile since we departed Palm Beach and have been doing VERY VERY little since we arrived into Galesville, MD a couple of weeks ago. Plenty of boat chores but little else.

No matter my current mood, have to stay with the program and document at some level the final leg….weirdest tug boat award goes to this candidate….

With Covid restrictions in full swing we did make a stop in Moorehead City to wait out some weather. Some nice weather, a beautiful Admiral and expensive fishing boats…

Next stop was a visit to our friends on Campbell Creek, near Aurora NC. We always try and make a stop to see Mike, Kathy, Beth Rip. It is always quiet and peaceful to visit here.

We had not received mail since Florida so our custom Christina masks were a welcome addition to our safety equipment!

If there is one thing I like being more than anything and thats useful! I was able to help Mike with a couple of boat projects which I really enjoy. The view from the dock on Goose Creek is SPECTACULAR!!!

Making the short trip to Belhaven allowed a bit of Geek-Time to solder up a board….the experiments continue.

The whole reason for for stopping in Belhaven was to support Spoon River Restaurant (http://spoonrivernc.com/) which was on curbside service….but still just as good!

One of local families out for a stroll.

This is another Krogen traveling on the Alligator…as you can see there was a bit of chop on the water…Magnolia continues across the Abermarle Sound…a little bumpy but not bad!

Further north you get the “better” the anchoring….as long as the chain did not break…Magnolia would not being going anywhere.

We made a two day stop at the “famous” Coinjock Marina. It was the first time we had spent any real time there…

In between showers we took a couple long walks and we can confirm…Coinjock may not be in the middle of no-where, but you can see it from here.

Next stop was Great Bridge VA. Not only famous for a Revolutionary War battle…but a great stop to re-provision.

Under the category of not fun…Portsmouth Naval Hospital where my nieces husband serves. Because of Covid concerns we just kept rolling…..HATE missing out on seeing family but in this case it was exactly the right thing

We were in Solomons Island MD the same time as our friends Bob & Julie but once again…Covid…

Thankfully Covid does let us catch up on our hobbies….current and temperature sensor below.

We had such a terribly cold May Annette whipped up a curtain for the pilothouse to keep the warm air in the saloon from wasting away in the pilothouse!!

We have been in Galesville, MD for nearly a month and it has taken that entire to get this post this far. This post started with Covid and is wrapping up with crescendo of racial injustice and political turmoil. I keep seeing memes about skipping the year 2020. It has been a terrible year for many and my heart goes out to them. Adversity does drive change and just maybe we will come out of 2020 as a little better world. At the very least I am going to work to make me a better me for sure!!! Be safe, will work to be a bit more frequent and upbeat.

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