2019-11-23 — Myrtle Beach and Beyond, Family & Friends!!

After a fun trip with guests aboard from Southport, we were excited to welcome the arrival of my cousins Jim & Patty!!! We had a really wonderful relaxing evening. We started with a visit aboard Magnolia followed by a terrific dinner! THANK YOU Jim & Patty for sharing your weekend with us!

There is a couple mile stretch of the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) called the rock pile. This short distance cuts through solid granite rather than the usual mud/sand etc that is found along the coast. The goal is to transit this section of the ICW at low tide so the rocks are actually exposed! We departed early and as can be seen we entered at low tide.

What a beautiful beautiful morning!

One of the several troublespots along this section of the ICW. Note the narrowing of the channel between the red mark and the dock ruins.

After a quick fuel top-up at Osprey we entered one of the most beautiful sections of the ICW, the Waccamaw River ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waccamaw_River ).

A surprisingly quiet Saturday afternoon on the river!

A lovely anchorage at the south end of the Waccamaw.

Scored a second beautiful anchorage in a row on near Charleston.

We spent a couple days visiting with our friends Mims and Vicki…of course more yacking than picture taking! While in Charleston we also picked up our friends Jerry and Winnie. They too were Pentagon Sailing Club members before relocating to Beaufort SC.

The plan was for Jerry and Winnie to ride the 90 miles down to Beaufort on the inside with us. We would have the pleasure of anchoring out and enjoying a peaceful barbeque.

Jerry btw was one our “sailing 101” instructors back on the Potomac River.

We had a great time and think Jerry and Winnie did too. We dropped them off midday in Beaufort and then continued on to just north of the Savannah River…close enough to watch the ships pass by into and out of Savannah.

Up early with the birds working to into Georgia before some approaching bad weather arrived.

Seeing a tug and barge is not uncommon in our world…this one though we passed way out in the middle of no-where…frankly never expected to this….

Sapelo Light – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sapelo_Island_Light

Car Carrier — https://www.freightwaves.com/news/golden-ray-ship-that-capsized-at-port-of-brunswick-to-be-cut-up

Sidney Lanier Bridge — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidney_Lanier_Bridge

“Beverly S” — We met Larry & Sue last winter in Palm Beach and we hop-scotched around, past each other ever since. It was finally in Brunswick that we finally were able to catch up face to face…granted it was only long enough to get them fueled up and on there way but thats really what makes me happiest about this life. You may not see “that person” or “those people” for a year. The moment you are together your shared moments start again.

I have been keeping this blog since we started this journey…even before we left actually. Someday when I am old a grey and have nothing better going on I am going to come back and relive each of these moments we shared and just maybe I might fix the spelling and grammar too….the moments though, those are what I will be longing for….thanks for following. Be Safe A**2

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