2019-10-31 — Boatyard Blues Wrap Up, Krogen Rendezvous, Exciting Times Kindred Spirit, Pops Onboard, Campbell Creek.

For the life of me I have no idea why the a boatyard period has to end in the “rush rush, last minute frenzy.” Evidently there is a secret hidden rule that is documented no-where but most certainly exists…at least in my experience! We went back in the water as expected.

…but of course there was that last one more thing that needed to be completed on a Saturday afternoon…did I mention we were departing on Sunday Morning? Arghh!

Annette did manage some lady friends…I think they call themselves…”Kady Ladys”

After departing the yard we went to a friends dock and had 72 glorious peace and quiet…just me and my boat wax…it was then time to head for the Krogen Rendezvous someone thinks its a great idea to stuff 50 boats as close as they can get…perhaps it came through I am not a fan of this part of the Rendezvous?

Arleen (Arion), Annette (Magnolia) and Michele (Kindred Spirit)

Husband Bragging Moment: Annette came up with a “small” idea of having and “small” auction to raise money for the Abaco relief effort. It was suppose to be small until some sponsors got word and others started contributing some pretty major items to the auction.

Perhaps not the most photogenic of moments but she did and absolutely fabulous job speaking on the subject in front of the entire community. She knocked it out of the park. She and Arleen (Arion) worked on it together and they raised over $7000.00 in under a week. An amazing accomplishment in such a short time.

Out friends Al & Michele came all the way from Connecticut to Maryland for the rendezvous. Since they were coming on this way, they took advantage of the opportunity to view a Krogen 39 that was for sale in the Northern Neck of Virginia a couple more hours south. After viewing and assembling an offer they can be seen below sending said offer off.

So after the offer was sent off, Al won a Krogen Burgee…we knew then the offer was going to go through….the universe is always talking….we just have to listen

Of course there was much dining and dancing and I even managed a couple of rounds on the dance floor.

The closing of the rendezvous when 50 boats get underway at the same time….what could possibly go wrong.

Heading South

Departing the Patuxent River bound for the Chesapeake Bay.

Car carrier. I think this is similar to the ship that recently rolled over in Brunswick GA

MV Largo southbound on the Chesapeake Bay

We made an overnight stop in Kilmarnock VA where Al & Michele were preparing for the survey of their new to them Kadey Krogen 39.

We arrived Hampton VA to pick up my dad who was going to ride with us for a couple days. It was also my mother’s first visit to to Magnolia so she was able to finally see what we have doing.

It was a pleasant surprise to find Magnolia blossoms were still blooming in Hampton.

Getting my dad right into the cruiser life we walked downtown Hampton for a bite to each. We headed for Venture, home of the best Tater-Tots anywhere.

I am not sure dad has fully embraced the simplicity of our lives….yes, its about the Tater-Tots.

Magnolia got underway and the first major evolution was to transit the Great Bridge Lock. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Bridge,_Virginia ) ( https://www.visitchesapeake.com/blog/post/great-bridge-lock/ )

Magnolia continued down to the top of Currituck Sound to one of our favorite northern anchorages.

Unfortunately Hurricane Nestor decided to make a hard north turn from the Gulf of Mexico which cut my dads trip a little short. Rather than going on to Manteo as planned we were forced to spend an extra day at Coinjock, NC

After departing Coinjock Magnolia we crossed the Abermarle Sound and headed down to Campbell Creek for a visit with Mike/Kathy Orr & Beth/Rip Tyler.

If you want a picturesque view in North Carolina look no further than Campbell Creek. We are always welcomed here with open arms…and multiple docks to choose from!

We always have a wonderful time catching up with this gang. There is always a great exchange of information and generally catching up! We always depart with a full heart and lots to think about.

Sun sets on Magnolia at the “Orr Dock.”

A few hours later Magnolia prepares to get underway at first light.

We are on the move at first light heading for New Bern, NC and the start of our next adventure!

Next stop, New Bern NC for Waterway Radio Cruising Club Meeting

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