2019-05-29 Ocracoke, Manteo, Norfolk & Hampton

We have never taken the coastal route…we just got stuck doing the Belhaven / Alligator River thing. In this year of mixing it up…it was time for a change. After departing Oriental, NC the next stop was Ocracoke Island. The channel coming into the island can get a bit narrow to share with one of the many ferries coming and going but that was easily worked out on the VHF.

One of the Ferries….not small

First stop, Ice Cream…check

The real treat of the visit was meeting up with fellow 2013 Freshmen Class Members JR and Drena. They have a house in Ocracoke and it was perfect timing to see them here.

Since their cruising days they have added a new crew-person who is the most adorable little lady.

Though she is a sailor at heart, she found the characteristics of a trawler very interesting….particularly the perfect height look-outs scattered about the decks.

A terrific couple of days and so happy to spend time with the crew of SV Journey again.

Traveling along the outer banks was really cool. Every place we go has a slightly different feel and this area is no different.

The trip up to Manteo on Roanoke Island is a long one for a single day but the limited anchorages along the way tells your right up front, get it done!

Manteo has a free city dock y9ou can tie up to for a couple days with a lovely view of the small museum.

Not much better nautical view to be found for sure

and would you look at that…now for a little history humor….my favorite T-Shirt in this town was “Never ask a resident for directions, they lost an entire settlement”

Continuing north we whisked by the eastern edge of the Albemarle Sound and found a lovely little anchorage at the top of Currituck Sound. We also lucked out in that the inside route was experiencing a huge hatch of midges which were just covering the boats. Thankfully our route saved us from that mess!

50 miles from Portsmouth VA…note miles on the ICW are measured in Statute Miles as oppose to Nautical Miles.

The final leg of the ICW

Definitely getting into goose country….messy and noisy

and the turtles are taking a little sun too.

as well as traffic gets heavier the closer to Norfolk we get.

We were arriving the Norfolk area we found that two other Krogens, our friends on Confetti and Privateer were near by. A plan to meet at the Norfolk Yacht Club was worked out.

Magnolia was the first to arrive and Privateer was not far behind.

Confetti taking a loop…

Confetti on final approach with Anthony catching lines

The ladies celebrating with a night cap. Some how I did not get a groupl picture with all six of us….hmm

Heading onto Hampton, Confetti would be a long in a day or two

Acadia, Confetti and Magnolia celebrating in Hampton

A Magnolia Blossom making her entrance

and two days later, a full flower. In between we got bunches of shores caught up on Magnolia.

And of course Niece and Nephew-In-Law came for visit and our youngest crew-member is being recruited,

I definitely have my hands full….out of my area of expertise…

The legendary Barking Dog is still making terrific sandwiches and

and serving name appropriate cans of wine!

One more dinner with Acadia and it was time to head for the Chesapeake!

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