The Seamless Sailor

It seems to me that there are a lot of sailors who out of necessity or creativity are engineering, patterning, and sewing canvas and other materials to create or replace functional and fun items for their boats.  Are you one of those sailors?  There are great resources on the Internet to help those of us sewing sailors, but I haven’t found a place that collects a broad set of resources in one place especially focused on creating practical canvas items for boating. Nor is there a centralized website that isn’t part of a commercial enterprise to discuss this type of specialty sewing.  I’d like to start that place!  Let’s collect the helpful resources out there, share tips and information, and encourage more self-reliance when it comes to producing and repairing soft goods on a boat.

Many folks blog or post pictures of their sewing projects which is fun and helpful.  I enjoy looking at other projects for ideas and “oh that’s a better way” ideas.  It would be helpful to have some of those blogs linked too.  If you have pictures or instructions to post, just let me know.

I hope to post about every week or so to try to keep things fresh.  While I will focus on sailboats, most items would apply to power boats and maybe RVs.  I look forward to your input and feedback.

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