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Curtains – Dressing Up the Boat’s Interior

If your boat is your home - full time or for weekend time, you'll want it to reflect your style and provide some comforts of home. There are a variety of styles for curtains to add some warmth to you home afloat. What fits your boat's personality and your lifestyle on the boat?  A fun nautical or tropical print?  A solid darkening curtain just to keep light and heat out?  Do you want a simple snap on cover?  Blinds?  Curtains with tabs that roll up or curtains that slide on a track?  Pleats for a bit more formal style or something softer? And there are those times when you may want to keep others from peeking in.  You may even get a bit of warmth from curtains.  So whether for style or comfort think about what your curtains can say about Read more [...]