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Tools of the Trade or What Every Seamless Sailor Wants for the Holidays

Do you have what you need to get your project started and completed?  Here's a list of the items I use most. (Elves:  does your Seamless Sailor have these tools?!) Tools Hot knife or soldering tool - Essential for finishing the ends of Sunbrella to prohibit raveling.  Don't forget a safe surface to use it on.  See secret trick. Heavy-duty scissors, fabric shears and small thread cutter - Like knives to a chef, scissors are to the Seamless Sailor. Measuring tools, "L" and "T" shaped measuring tools - These measures are great for making patterns.  Also need a short measure for at the sewing machine and metal yard stick. Marking pens - light and dark.  The washable ones work well as do the soapstone.  Get extras. Heavy" T" pins or Read more [...]

Practical Patterning

I haven't found any patterns for sale for projects I'm sewing for the boat.  There's no Vogue or Simplicity book of patterns to select from offering patterns with instructions.  That's how I learned to sew - using a pattern - along with a variety of sewing classes and friends and mentors.  There are some great books out there with ideas and directions - some better than others.  Maybe you are lucky to have the old item to take apart to make a  pattern.  Even then fabric stretches out and may not fit right anymore.  This is different, this sewing for the boat.  There is a bit of engineering involved.  Maybe even a bit of McGyver involved.  So I'm getting better at patterning, with much help from my engineer husband of course.  Read more [...]